Advanced Body Check Program



Get a physical exam every year for peace of mind The most popular physical examination package $3999 ultrasound: prostate bladder Tumor markers: Colorectal tumor marker-carcinoembryonic antigen Liver tumor marker-fetoprotein A infectious disease: HIV antigens and antibodies German measles antibody IgG Viral Serum Test Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis factor (quantitative) Thyroid function: Thyroxine T4 thyroid stimulating hormone diabetes: fasting blood glucose Glycated hemoglobin AlC Kidney function: Urea Creatinine sodium Potassium chlorine bicarbonate Hematology and Anemia: blood sugar blood leukocytes blood red blood cells Hemoglobin platelets hematocrit mean red blood cell volume mean red blood cell hemoglobin amount mean red blood cell hemoglobin Neutrophils lymphoid leukocytes Mononuclear white blood cells eosinophilic white blood cells Basophilic white blood cells blood smear Erythrocyte sedimentation rate liver function: alanine aminotransferase aspartate aminotransferase total protein albumin globulin Albumin to globulin ratio total and direct bilirubin alkaline phosphatase gamma transglutaminase Hepatitis test: Hepatitis B surface antigen Hepatitis B surface antibody Bone metabolism: total vitamin D Gout: uric acid Blood lipids: total cholesterol Triglycerides high density cholesterol LDL cholesterol (direct measure) Heart problems: static electrocardiogram Urinary problems: urine color specific gravity of urine Urinary turbidity urine pH urine protein urine sugar Urinary bilirubin Urinary urobilin urinary nitrates pee ketone urine red blood cells urinary white blood cells urine blood cell Urinary pus cells Sticky urine Stool: Occult blood in stool Note: A small amount of stool sample can be reserved the day before the physical examination. Do not eat or drink anything (except water) 6-8 hours before the test