Basic Body Check Program



Basic physical examination plan Blood routine: Blood White Cells Blood Red Cells Blood Red Cells Hemoglobin/PCV mean red blood cell volume MCV Hemoglobin amount MCH red protein MCHC Platelet Platelet Lymphocytes Lymphocytes Monocytes Eosinophils Eosinophils EosinophilsBasophils Blood Smear Blood Smear Diabetes: Glucose, Fasting blood lipids Cholesterol Total Cholesterol high density cholesterol HDL low density cholesterol LDL Triglycerides Triglycerides heart: Resting ECG skeleton: Calcium liver function: ALT/SGPT Kidney function: Creatinine Liver Creatinine Urea gout: Uric acid Rheumatoid RA: Rheumatoid factor RA Factor Urinary conditions Urinary routine: Urine Color Urine Color Appearance Urinary Specific Gravity Urine SG pH pH Urine Protein Urine Sugar Urine Sugar Urinary Bilirubin Urine Bilirubin Urine Urobilinogen Urine Nitrite Urine Nitrite Urine Ketone Urine Blood/Red Blood Cells UrineBlood/RBC Urinary white blood cells/pus cells UrineWBC/Pus Urine Mucus Urine Casts/Crystal Urine EP Cells Stool routine: Color Color Hardness Consistency Red Blood Cells Red Blood Cells Pus cells Pus cells Oval Initial assessment of bowel cancer: Stool Occult Blood Basic Body Data: Height HT, weight WT, blood pressure BP Pulse Pluse, body mass index BMI Note: A small amount of stool sample can be reserved the day before the physical examination. Do not eat or drink anything (except water) 6-8 hours before the test